The beauty and secret of a good photograph is the way it captures a moment and shares a story. Whether shooting a landscape, a portrait or event, before I bring the camera to my eye, I look for what’s natural—in light, expression, gesture and purpose. I shoot a lot of portraits and events. I know that when a camera is pointed at you, we all have our “smile for the camera” looks. Ironically, most people hate those pictures of themselves. Why? Because they’re not real. Why, when in front of a camera, we become afraid to share our true selves and alter our natural expressions is a mystery we should solve. I’m as guilty as anyone. I much prefer looking through not at the lens. So, I get the apprehension. But my job is to watch and wait for the real deal. I may stall with chit chat, or just keep shooting till I see and capture it. Because it matters.


Good design is so very important, yet so uncommon. The challenge is to meet the client's direct request, while meeting an elevated aesthetic and, most importantly, achieving – or exceeding – the desired results. We believe that less is more, and work to avoid the trap of over-designing the work. This is often easier said than done and is a delicate balance to find.


Branding is much more than a logo. It's the way your company presents itselt in every aspect... print, digital media, your elevator speech and the way you answer your phone. There are larger firms that will convene focus groups and conduct vast amounts of research. That's not who we are. We can develop a strong, creative brand for you, provide the graphic standards necessary for execution and implementation and guarantee that your voice is heard.


We often find ourselves tasked with creating custom illustrations, or photo-illustrations for a wide variety of purposes. Whether it's creating and building infographics, or a technical illustration to help obtain a patent. Perhaps it's an archival-quality collage to be given as a gift. We also provide photo retouching services.